Friday, July 20, 2012

gender revealed

so you might remember that we announced our pregnancy at the same time that my brother and sister-in-law announced their pregnancy (in fact we did the announcement together with a fun photo collage), and they are due just a few short weeks after us.

all along i have had this feeling that they were having a boy.
not sure why.
i just did.

even when we found out that we were having a girl, and i couldn't really imagine anything cuter than two little girl cousins so close in age, i remained firm in my belief that they were having a boy.


i. was. wrong.

and i am so thrilled to announce that my very first experience being an aunt, is going to happen this fall when hendrix's baby cousin, 
annalise marie is born!

i had the pleasure of taking some fun maternity photos for the adorable couple to use as a part of their gender reveal party.  we didn't know at the time what the gender was, so we took some with both pink and blue, and they didn't let the surprise be spoiled at all, even though they knew for a couple weeks before their party.

the party was a casual backyard picnic, and i loved all the little details that involved both the pink and blue and kept us guessing all the way up to the grand finale reveal!  

we each voted on our prediction, and chose to wear a little pink bow or mustache pin.  

the tally was more weighted towards boy, so there was definitely a big surprise in store for most of us!

hendrix loved running around with all his aunts and uncles, being the center of attention, of course.  he is going to have some serious adjusting to do when he shares that spotlight with his baby sister and baby cousin this fall!  ;)

hannah even did a great job of remaining neutral about the whole affair, with a mustache pin to counteract the pink bow that my brother was wearing....

it was fun to have a little baby there, for all of us to ooh and aaah over! 

the food was super delicious (and cute!)!

and this was how they made their announcement.  after leaving us is suspense for a couple hours, they opened up a box that was full of the right color balloons.

it was super cute and fun!

doesn't he look like he is ready to be smitten with a sweet little daddy's girl of his own?!?!

i am so excited for them!

what a great party hannah!  and if you have an interest in following along with them on the rest of their journey, you can check out hannah's blog over at this chaos called life.

hooray for babies!

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  1. Cute cute cute!! Love the pictures, congratulations!!


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