Friday, May 11, 2012

a baby sister!

today we got to see our baby girl!  

while today marks the 15 week mark according to my original dates, the purpose of this ultrasound was to determine if that was totally accurate.  because of my prior experience with delivering early, the doctor wanted as specific of a target date as we could possibly get.

we found that i was actually measuring big, and am more like 16 weeks along now (wow, it sure feels good to just drop a whole week of my pregnancy in just a day!) which meant that it was possible to tell that our little baby baum #2 is a girl ;)

we were hopeful that we might find out the gender today, but knew that it was not a for sure thing.  while the technician said she was pretty certain that it was a girl, we do get to have another ultrasound next month, so we can verify that news again then.  

in the meantime, we have had lots of fun introducing hendrix to his new baby sister via her first photographs, and are thrilled to name her;

Blaire Robyn Baumgartner

she measured in at 4 ounces, and everything looked healthy and perfect.  she was wiggling around tons, and we even caught her sucking her thumb once. ;)

this mama was so excited about the prospect of pink and bows, that i actually already bought my first items for our little blaire. ;)  

good thing garage sale season is in full swing, as i am going to have to do me some shopping!

hearing that everything looks good makes me feel more relaxed about my pregnancy and moving my due date makes me feel just a teensy bit better about looking so prego.  

i should

 i'm further along than i thought i was!  

my new due date is
October 27


  1. So much exciting news for one post! Congrats! Doesn't make your due date close to when Hendrix was due?!

  2. I agree with Lauren. So many exciting things in this post! I am so thrilled you get to all a little girl to your family. And I cant wait to buy little pink things for you!! Above all else I'm glad you and baby are healthy and things are on track. Happy 16 weeks! <3


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