Monday, May 21, 2012

sesame street live

this weekend my sister-in law, hannah, and i took hendrix to see sesame street live: elmo's superheroes.  

it was a really fun show, and hendrix even wore the same elmo shirt he wore when we went to see elmo last year.  how fun to see how much he has changed in just a year!  

last year, he was a baby, he nursed, needed his diaper changed, and took a nap all in the middle of the show.  (don't get me wrong though, he still enjoyed it, just in a very different way than he did this year!)

this year, he is a toddler, an inquisitive, imaginative and energetic toddler.  he danced, clapped, cheered, ate popcorn....

...pointed at all the characters that he knew while shouting their names...

....climbed into the seats in front of us.

the show was a great success!

towards the very end he was starting to get tired (it was 12:30....which is a lil' past naptime,,,,) so he snuggled in my lap and wanted his paci, but really he did a great job sitting through the show.

we love elmo and all the other friends from 'the street' ;)

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