Sunday, May 13, 2012

mommyhood rocks!

i have had the most wonderful weekend hanging out with my family.  yesterday we went to the zoo (more photos to follow soon) with my mom and mother-in-law which was a fun way to celebrate mother's day.

i was surprised by a wonderful gift card for a mani and pedi, which honestly is probably the most appreciated present i could get right now (especially with my swollen and tired pregnant feet).  

the sentiment from hendrix that i am the 'bestest mommy in the whole wide world' sure put on a smile on my face!  

my little blaire must be a good influence on these boys already in helping them pick the most perfect present ever for mommy!

and flowers from my father-in-law on top of it all?!?!  

i am spoiled.
and so, so blessed!

happy mother's day!  ;)

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