Monday, May 7, 2012

pinteresting for toddler

after crafting something for baby baum #2 at my last pinterest party, i felt compelled to create something that was specifically for hendrix this month.

with our basement remodel nearing completion, it was easy to find a project that would be fun and useful for his new playroom.

i opted for alphabet magnets.

i had seen many different sets on both pinterest and etsy that caught my eye, but i decided to pool all the ideas and come up with a hybrid design that would match perfectly in our space.

i am very proud of my end result! and i think they look perfect in the playroom!

this project was relatively simple and not very expensive.  i bought the alphabet chipboard letters (which i spray painted white with paint i already had) from hobby lobby for $2.99, the roll of magnet (which i barely used half of) for $4.99 and my first ever bottle of mod podge.  
yes, folks, this was my first mod-podging project and i think i am 
hooked.  for.  life.  
i am so glad that i bought the bigger bottle of it, which was $7.99, but i barely used any of it.  it will last for many projects to come.  ;)  

oh goodie!

so to prepare for pinterest night, i got the chipboard pieces all spray painted.

then i picked out some scrapbook papers that match with our basement color scheme.

and lastly i tried out one of the letters on a scrap piece of wood leftover from the custom bookshelves we built in the basement.  i wanted to double check the size that i wanted before i asked hubby to cut me 26 of them. ;)

so i applied the paper with mod podge - i put a layer both under and over the paper.  it goes on like paint, but dries clear like glue.  
it is the coolest stuff ever.  
it leaves a nice ridge on the surface that gives everything almost a canvas-like texture.  so great.  oh and it dries really quickly.  
then i also applied the letter with mod podge.  i did a couple coats here to make sure that the letter would lay nice and flat as it dried.

after a quick demonstration on the metal panel, i concluded that they would work fine, asked my hubby to cut me a ton of them, and loaded my supplies into a box for pinterest night!

here is my project spread out on the ping-pong craft table (which works perfectly might I add, as it is a great height for projects), and i have no idea why i had the letters lined up backwards.  seriously.  i didn't even realize this until i was all done and took this picture.  

i love this custom set of letters, and am thinking i might have to expand it with a set of numbers next. ;)

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  1. I LOVE...LOVE the way it turned out! So inspirational!I bet he is really going to enjoy this.


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