Thursday, May 31, 2012

weekend at the lake

for memorial day weekend, we were invited with some other families to join our friends at their lake house. it was the first time that we had ever been to lake panaroma, and it was absolutely gorgeous!   

it was also the first time that hendrix had ever worn a life jacket, or experienced any water fun outside of the swimming pool.

he wasn't thrilled with the life jacket at first, and kept saying 'out' as he tried to pull it off.  mommy put one on loosely, just to set an example and make him worry about it less.

once the boat got moving, he was over it, and enjoyed the sounds and sights.  he wasn't thrilled with all the wind in his face when we got going real fast, but he put up with it okay.

our friends have a little puppy, aloe, and she sure made the ride more fun!  she would climb up to the front of the boat with no fear, and on a few occasions, hendrix thought he could do likewise....

before we knew it, he was walking around on the boat like a pro, and sporting huge grins!

later, we took him for a ride in the rowboat over to the swimming beach, to let him dig his toes into the sand.

he worked on his first sand castle with daddy.

the water was pretty chilly, so he preferred keeping a distance and just running up to the edge of the water, or throwing things into it.  the sand was by far the bigger hit.

it was nice to enjoy some family time relaxing, and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

this guy is one 'cool dude' ;)

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