Tuesday, May 1, 2012

hello, second trimester!

i am now 13w4d which is, even by the most conservative ways of calculation, now the second trimester. Wowzers.

our lil' babe is currently the size of a medium shrimp, according to babycenter.com .  that is roughly 3 inches long from head to bottom, weighing nearly an ounce.   while seafood (shrimp most specifically) is really my least favorite thing ever
especially NOW while i am pregnant.  
i can't help but chuckle as i think of our sweet little one swimming around in my tummy, and likening him/her to a shrimp!  lol

i am still feeling really well, except i have started having trouble with headaches lately.  They are not that big of a deal, but since i prefer not to take meds while pregnant i find myself just drinking tons and tons of water in my attempt to make them go away, which in turn has me spending more and more time running to the potty.  :)

my appetite is back in full force and i find myself eating nice large meals AND snacking in between meals. I don't imagine those few pounds that i had initially lost will stay off for all that much longer....

we got a good chunk of our garden planted last week so i am anxiously on the lookout for little sprouts!  the forecast is calling for sun and rain all week, so i hope that works some magic......can't wait for fresh garden beans and lettuce salads! Yum yum!

i saw my feet get puffy after an especially warm day last week and was unpleasantly reminded of that side effect which i am sure i will see lots more of this summer.  it just gives me plenty of reason to request foot rubs from my hubby, right?

here's to a new month and a new trimester :)

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  1. You really popped from last post! Super cute :D Sorry you're experiencing headaches. I hope they subside soon. Can't wait to go to the Iowa games and do fun things outside with you guys!


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