Wednesday, May 2, 2012

basement sneak peek!

finally, the playroom is full of toys!

mommy spent the whole evening organizing and moving all of hendrix's toys down into our new playroom space.  hendrix was super excited to wake up and check it out this morning. 

i think he will be a much better tour guide than i ever could be so i will let him take over! ;)

everything is finished except for the carpet install.
they came out to measure for the carpet earlier this week, and we still don't have the installation date on the calendar, but they said that it could be a couple weeks yet.
we moved a large rug into the space, and decided to start using it for now......

we have been waiting too long to let it sit empty when it is soooooo close to being finished!

the room isn't huge, but it sure looks big when my itty bitty toddler is the only one if the room!  lol

i really love how the sheet metal magnets turned out, and am planning to make some fun alphabet magnets to use on the bigger magnet wall.

since all of his toys are much easier to access than when they are just buried in a big toybox, it was fun to see his rediscover things he hasn't played with in a long time!

i love how the under-stair-storage turned out.  

and my metal railing.  it turned out even better than i was envisioning it!  

my hubby is really the mastermind behind this whole project.....the only thing i did was show him some images from pinterest that i liked, and he ran with everything else.  
he has a great eye for design! ;)

i guess it passes the toddler test!

if you want to look back on the process and see where we started with this whole project, feel free to check it out!

i can't wait to do the official reveal once the carpet is laid.  in the meantime, my hubby and i have decided to take a break on home improvement projects.....

well, for a little while at least.  


  1. Looks great and Hendrix seems to love it!

  2. It looks've done a great job together as a team...way to improve the value of your home and create a great family space. Can't wait to see the carpet!!!


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