Monday, March 5, 2012

playroom update

hey guys.  

we are still again working on a remodel project.  that means i have very little time left to do much else.  
i have been too busy being a right-hand man to my hubster when our little munchkin goes to bed to really think of anything interesting to write about.....

wanna see how it is coming?

yeap, we tore those bad boy stairs out.  and no the new ones are not in yet.  
i am really hoping that project will get tackled by this weekend.  you know all the various layers of mud, texture and paint take time to dry, so it is really not as easy to just move along as i would like....

as you can see though, we are making serious progress.  if you don't think it looks like it, check out where we were just a couple weeks ago.

there was a whole lot of electrical wiring that had to be done as we completely redid the lighting, adding more units,and relocating the switches. 

now that all the drywall is hung, i am really starting to get a vision for what this space will be like as a cozy, cute playroom.  

can't wait.

.....better go help this guy out. ;)

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