Monday, March 12, 2012

toddlers at weddings

yesterday we had a wedding to attend.  
the groom was a former student of my hubby's from when he was a teaching assistant, and i didn't know him or the bride, so i was unsure about how welcomed my toddler would be at this ceremony. 

turned out he wasn't the only child, and he took quite a liking to another little boy, max.  he did a pretty good job during the ceremony, practicing his new-found ability to "shush" people (which actually makes quite a bit of noise, of course).

he loved the lemonade, but wouldn't touch any of the food.  it was chicken, pasta salad and cheesy potatoes, nothing too foreign, but he had much more important things to do.

these boys just got to going so fast and so hard, that his little cheeks turned bright red!  it was fun to see him interacting with other kids and making friends so easily.

oh and his lil' bowtie shirt got tons of compliments!  

here he is tearing up the dance floor to a little 'hokey-pokey'.  
that was a new one for him. 

he catches on quickly! ;)

don't forget the cake......isn't that the best part of a wedding?!?!

i have always loved weddings, but now i have a whole new reason to enjoy them.  can't wait for my brother's wedding this summer......he is going to have a ball!

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