Friday, March 23, 2012

backyard bbq

the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we celebrated that last week by dusting off our grill and enjoying our first outdoor meal of the season! 

We have a screened-in porch and plenty of outdoor seating to make it comfortable to bbq, and it is one of our favorite activites.  Turns out hendrix thinks it is alot of fun too, though somewhat distracting....

He was thrilled to help daddy cook, chatter at the neighbor's dog, climb around on the lawn chair, and play with his corn on the cob.  Eating, well that didn't really happen......maybe after a couple times he will get used to the experience and get down to business! 

I was so excited to eat corn, and it did not disappoint!  

Now that shorts season is here, hendrix is going to have to learn a more graceful way to climb up and down our cement steps, or his poor legs are going to look like this all summer.

Now that spring is really here, i guess we better start thinking about our garden. Wanna fill this little boy's belly up with fresh vegetables this summer!  yum ;)

Happy spring! 

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