Monday, February 27, 2012

finally a small slice of winter

this past weekend we had a gorgeous snowfall that had hendrix begging to play outside.  

it was really a fun time. 

we went out early in the morning and were the first people to track up all the fresh snow in the neighborhood. it was relatively warm so we didn't wimp out too quickly.

i did discover that while scarves are adorable on toddlers, they are completely impractical.  he kept falling down, and then it got covered in snow, and would fly up into his face making him more cold than if he wasn't wearing it. 

oh, and we also discovered that the playground is even more fun to play on when it is covered with snow.  the slides are super fast!  ;)

and when he was cold and ready to be done playing, he told me he wanted 'cocoa' and home we went. 

i'm glad that he is getting a chance to experience an iowa winter after all!  

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  1. What a fun day! He looks like he had a blast! What a sweet cutie pie you have :) He's getting so big too. I remember reading when he was still in your belly! I wish it would snow here. I am from the great north east. Its supposed to snow and nothing yet. I feel like Luke would have so much fun!


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