Friday, February 3, 2012

photoshopping the boo-boos.

here is hendrix's most recent boo-boo healing up.  it is in the really colorful bruise stage.  
lovely.  did i mention that i just had a little photoshoot with him for valentine's day?  yes, i admit that i photoshopped his boo-boo out of the photos.  

is it because i don't want people to think i carelessly allow my child to fall all. the. time.?

is it because i am embarrassed that he seems to have inherited my lack of coordination?

or is it just plain because i thought that it might detract attention from his cute, sweet little smile?

i am not really sure, to be honest.  

i remember sharing a post a while back about how hendrix seems to be a lil' bit accident prone.  as he is getting bigger, stronger and more capable, he seems to have more boo-boos.  probably because he tries t o tackle more dangerous activites with seemingly no fear.  

climbing from the stepstool, to the dining room chair, to the table to stand up and turn the dining room light on and off with the pullstring?  why not?

jumping up and down on mommy and daddy's bed?  sure!

climbing out of the cart (even while buckled in) at the grocery store?  i'm so cool.

and on it goes....

i am trying to figure out the balance of not smothering him, letting him explore, and still trying to teach him NOT to try things that are just plain dangerous.  

is this a boy thing?

scraped noses...

fat lips...

and goose-eggs.  

i guess every fall makes him (and me) tougher.


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  1. Aww, poor little guy! But don't worry Luke has his accident prone days also. It something you just cant avert sometimes no matter how hard we try to keep them safe. And you are also not the only one to take the bruises out of a picture. I did once on Halloween I think?


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