Monday, February 6, 2012

....and on his farm he had a horse

hendrix's obsession with horsies continues.  it started several months ago, and while i really thought it was going to fade with time, it has not.  

he really likes to watch this horse movie on youtube, and we have taken him to feed the horses on campus before.  In fact the other day when we were eating carrots with lunch, he said 'carrots' followed by 'horsies'.  Great connection pal! :)

We took a detour on our way to the superbowl game last night to feed the horses again, and it was just so fun! We told him that was where we were going and let him hold the carrots in the van, and he just kept saying 'horsies' and 'neigh-neigh' over and over again the whole ride there.

And then of course there were lots of tears when it was time to go......his delight is just so darn cute!

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