Tuesday, February 7, 2012

musician in the making

i don't imagine that i need to spend much time reinforcing hendrix's obvious musical connection.

he comes from a musical family, and he seems to be fully aware of that as he has enjoyed music in various aspects since before he was even born.

we have made a leap this past week from just singing, dancing and pounding on the piano; to also strumming on daddy's guitar.  he has a little elmo guitar that he got for christmas, and i think he just made the connection between it and the one that daddy has. 

i have been serenaded a lot lately.  

i know these thoughts are very premature, but there is a little part of me that is already imagining a full drum set in my garage for my boy to have 'jam sessions' with his friends....

good thing his father-in-law works for a music shop and can get us the hookup on instruments ;)

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