Monday, April 9, 2012

neglected but not forgotten

so that playroom remodel that we started a couple months ago??? ummm...about that. 

it is still coming along.  we have made a ton of progress on it,

but not so much lately. 

in the last three weeks we have been distracted. busy. working too much. enjoying this weather. working in the yard. spending time with family.  
and most importantly enjoying our toddler.

as sad as i am to report that we aren't any further than we are on this project (it really does pain me, as i am kind of a slave driver when it comes to remodel projects) i am happy to say that we are in the home stretch!

this is the fun interactive wall that includes a piece of sheet metal to serve as a magnet board for hendrix to play with.

there is finish paint up everywhere, and the custom built-in window seat and bookshelves are starting to come along.

we still need a pillar installed for the light switches to be nested into. 

and lots of finish trim......

but we will get there.

this little guy is getting mighty familiar with the tools of the project, and he sure loves monkeying around on the ladder.

the orange is bright and fun.  

i can just envision how awesome this space is going to be this fall and winter when we have this little fella needing a place to run around, plus a lil' babe to entertain.  

oh and all the toys that will mean since we have to drag all the baby toys back out!  lol

i hope we are on a roll here and can knock this work out soon.  
i am soooo ready to make the call to have the carpet installed.  

hopefully just a few more weeks.....

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