Thursday, April 19, 2012

pinteresting for baby

so last weekend i went to a pinterest party.  it was a lot of fun.  several ladies just got together and brought the supplies needed to make a craft project that had been seen on pinterest.  it was the perfect opportunity to actually make a project that i had always had good intentions of working on someday.....

now that i am pregnant again, i have found myself being drawn to baby-related pins more than others.  i had been eyeing several pins with tutorials on jazzing up some plain white baby onesies.  i had a pile of onesies that hendrix barely wore, so i thought i would give it a try!

i liked the sweet ties, but was really a sucker for the fabric flowers and ruffled buns!  
why not make some of each?

i also happened to have some scraps of fabric that all coordinated with each other, leftover from my last pinterest project.  i made the flag banner to use as a photo prop, and thought that having some coordinating little outfits for babies would be an awesome start to a really great photo ;)  

with a $0 project cost because i used all supplies that i already had, i accomplished 4 little onesies in an evening of fellowship with some girlfriends.  i think that is a great success!

and now i am prepared with something sweet and cute whether i have another little boy....

or a sweet lil girl ;)

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  1. These are super cute!!! I wish I would have made one of those tie onesies when my nephew was born. By hey are do adorable. I also lone the riffle bum ones !!!

  2. I have no idea why my previous comment had every other word misspelled! I really can type most of the time. LOL! I wanted you to know that I will be featuring this tomorrow on my blog! Thanks for linking at the party! xoxo- Rachel

  3. Pinterest Party! I love it! Isn't it such an awesome feeling when you actually accomplish something that you pinned?! I wish Pinterest had a function where you could mark the pin as DONE and maybe even leave a review of the tutorial/process. Btw--love the onesies!

  4. So cute! And what an awesome idea!! I need to become more crafty, like yesterday :)


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