Monday, April 16, 2012

11 weeks

oh my, i am having trouble staying on schedule with my posting this time around.....

i hit 11 weeks on friday and also had a doctor's appointment that day.

it was my first appointment with the doctor, and though it was pretty short and uneventful, we did get to hear baby #2's heartbeat which is always such a blessing to my ears!  it was beating real fast in the 160's which is right on track ;)

both daddy and hendrix came with me, as we thought it would be good for hendrix to feel involved.  i don't think he understood anymore that there is a baby in there after the appointment than he did before, but you never know what they are really taking in. ;) 

my doctor mentioned that my risk of delivering early is higher (30% higher) than in regular pregnancies simply because i delivered so early (at 35 weeks) last time.  

they are going to carefully monitor me, which is going to involve extra ultrasounds to chart baby's size (which will give us the most accurate due date), and also to check that my cervix isn't getting too thin.  if they notice that it is, we will start on progesterone treatments to help baby stay in there until it is time.  

i am really hopeful that all the extra caution is really unnecessary, but i am excited that i will get to have another ultrasound at my next appointment (may 11th).   i never mind having pictures of my kiddos!

nothing else has really changed in the pregnancy, other than looking more and more pregnant each day.  i finally got out my maternity clothes, and have been rocking the bella band nearly everyday.   it isn't large enough to interfere with my snuggles with my current baby boy, so i don't mind it at all yet.  

i started working on some crafting projects for baby #2 over the weekend.....

more to come on that!

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