Thursday, April 5, 2012

pregnancy - take two

For those of you who missed my announcement over the weekend, you can check out the movie we created to tell our family's about our pregnancy here.  And for those of you who were wanting more details about it all, stay tuned.....I will be happy to fill you in!

I will be 10 weeks pregnant (already?!) tomorrow and we couldn't be more thrilled! My hubby and I decided we were ready to add to our growing family around the first of the year, and though we are surprised that it happened quicker than it did the first time around, I think the spacing of two years between children will be just about perfect.

Hendrix was there when we took our pregnancy test, and though he was completely oblivious to what his parents were so excited about, he thought that little stick must have held some significance and he was eager to grab a hold of it! Lol

We tell him that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, and he likes to lift my shirt up to give it kisses, but the other day he lifted his shirt up to daddy and said 'baby' also, so I think he might be a little bit confused by it all.....

He will be a fabulous big brother though, and having him around sure changes the whole dynamic of the pregnancy.  While I think that I have been less sick with this pregnancy than with my first one, I also have far less time to really think or worry about it.  My energetic, entertaining and adorable son requires all most of my attention.

There is definitely a small part of me that is sad there will only be another few short months of him getting all of our attention before things will be drastically changing......but then I remind myself that having siblings is one of the coolest parts of my life, so the changes will only make his life richer.  (though I don't doubt for a minute that it will be an adjustment!)

So let's see.....I have been feeling pretty good, though tired all. the. time.  I haven't had nearly as many food cravings as I have had food aversions.  I have wanted a lot of steak more times in the last 6 weeks than probably in the last 3 years combined. lol  

i can't stand the smell of seafood.  
don't eat it in front of me.  
don't even have it on your breathe from earlier in the day when i see you.  

I am already having a hard time catching my breathe after walking up or down the stairs....which is so weird because I don't remember that happening until much later on last time.  then again, i didn't have a 27 pound toddler begging "HOL-MA" all the time.

My tummy is starting to poke out there a little bit.

yeah, this is earlier than last time.

i imagine that little bit of extra baby chub that was still left over gave me a nice little headstart on a bump.  ;)

i am still wearing regular clothes, but i am bracing myself for the day that i have to dig out my maternity box.  i don't imagine it will be that far off.

i actually had a minor scare that sent me to the ER a couple weeks ago, and though everything is fine with the baby, it did allow us the opportunity to see the little peanut on an early ultrasound.  

that was super amazing!   

we have found that i might be prone to 'episodes' if i eat too many high-fat foods.  these episodes resemble gallstone attacks, which is really eery since i had my gallbladder removed a year and a half ago.  apparently the hormonal changes in my body from the pregnancy are kind of throwing things out of wack, and my liver doesn't want to keep up.

 this is going to require careful food choices, and regular blood work monitoring throughout the pregnancy.   my doctor is really optimistic that it can easily be managed and that i won't have any trouble carrying this baby to full term, as opposed to delivering really early (5 weeks) like i did last time.  

all the same, i am trying to prepare myself for an october baby, just to be on the safe side!

this summer is going to fly by!!!


  1. So exciting!! You look great! And I am sure that your little man is going to be the best big brother!!

  2. I want to say congratulations!!! How exciting! I am so happy for you and am looking forward to reading about pregnancy number two! I have read your blog for so long and think your an amazing mother! You got this!


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