Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter recap

boy, did hendrix have fun decorating easter eggs with daddy.  coloring is one of his favorite activities, and he was excitedly chanting "egg, egg, egg" in this photo while he scribbled the letters to his name.  
he knows his name starts with H, and he also knows there is an X in there somewhere........

he really liked the dipping part too.  he would throw the eggs in the glasses (as gently as his little toddler fingers could manage), and every time we would take one out, he just wanted to put it into another glass.  none of the eggs were ever 'done' in his mind!  lol

they did manage to end up with some pretty eggs, if i do say so myself! ;)

hendrix enjoyed hunting for easter eggs far more this year than he did last year. ;)  it really is amazing to think about how much he has changed in the past year.  

he was really getting the hang of it, and thrilled to gather them up and put them in his basket........until daddy showed him how he could open them up to see what was inside them.  

that was a game changer. 

the minute he saw candy, he just wanted to eat his loot and couldn't care less about the rest of the eggs!  

the easter bunny was very good to him this year, bringing lots of fun activity-toys like chalk, markers, playdough and bubbles.  

then he got spoiled all over again at nana and papa's house.

again, he was munching on the candy while he was gathering up his eggs.  he had lots of fun, but sure didn't mind taking his sweet time.  i guess that is what happens when you have all the eggs to yourself......won't be like that forever kiddo!

he was so fascinated with all the bunny stuff this easter.  he likes to hop like a bunny, and loved waving at the easter bunny at the mall.  the basket that nana and papa got for him had a bunny on it, and there was a button you could push to play music.

he. loved. this.

he kept pushing it and dancing around.

i love his 'happy feet'!

happy easter, sweet boy!  

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