Monday, April 23, 2012

12 weeks {size of a lime}

my 12 week bump.

not much else to report.  i am now down 5 pounds from when i first found out i was pregnant, though my tummy keeps poking out there.  the weight loss isn't because i don't feel like eating, but more because it seems like i am able to eat less and less at one time.  i have resorted to snacking all throughout the day with hendrix, and am trying really hard to make healthy choices, though chocolate is obviously my preferred choice!  lol

my hubby and i enjoyed an overnight without our little muchkin this weekend.  we had fun shopping (i bought a new camera!) eating out, and snuggling at the movies.  

i have this urgent need to stock up on date nights now as i imagine it will be harder to have them come this fall when we need to find someone to watch two little ones.  it is amazing how awesome sleeping in just an hour later than normal can make me feel like a new person!

we also made some serious progress in our basement this fact, we are talking about getting the carpet installation on our schedule.....

it is so close!

more to come on that.......

but for now,
happy monday!

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  1. you look great! and yay for a new camera! I totally agree, stock up on those dates nights... and enjoy every second!


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