Monday, May 23, 2011


We took Hendrix to see Sesame Street Live: 1-2-3-Imagine yesterday and had a lot of fun!  He looked pretty cute in his Elmo shirt, and once we got there he was so fascinated by all the other children around him.  I think he takes after his parents to enjoy "people watching". 

My mom and sister came with us and they enjoyed his reactions to the show!  In fact, my mom was the one who got the tickets; she won them from a giveaway on the macaroni kid website. 

We were in the first row that was elevated after the floor seats, and I thought we were plenty close!  In fact, I am not sure that Hendrix would have enjoyed being closer. 

The show was high energy and way fun!  Hendrix got very interested in the characters and enjoyed all the singing.  Of course, he got a little bit antsy too (which was expected), and he was really happy when his daddy bought him one of those spinning light toys to help entertain him during the second half. :)

And then of course, towards the end he fell fast asleep. :)  It was dark in there, why wouldn't everyone think it is naptime?!?!

What a fun experience!  Thanks for taking us, Mom.  And thanks for being so darn fun and cute, Hendrix!

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