Friday, May 20, 2011

playing with the big kids

I took Gabe and Hendrix for the first bike ride of the season, and since they both loved it so much, I am looking forward to making it a regular adventure this summer.  I am so. not. in. shape.  Wow.  The two of them plus the trailer.....I hope that is a lot of weight, because it sure felt like a lot of weight!  :)

It is fun to take them to the park together.  Gabe runs circles around Hendrix, and Hendrix is mostly content to just watch Gabe.  That is entertainment enough I guess.  

While Hendrix absolutely adores being around other children, he isn't sure what to think about being around other babies.   I watched my friends' kids a couple weeks ago for the afternoon and Hendrix really didn't know what to think about Flora.  I think his apprehension might have been because this other baby was getting mommy's attention.  ;)

Have I mentioned before that he LOVES Riley?

These two are sure teaching him how to be a "cool dude".

I am so glad that he gets so many interactions with other kids!

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