Monday, May 2, 2011

new ride

We upgraded Hendrix to his big boy carseat and he has been quite the happy camper when we go places in the car.  I think he likes having more space, as his legs were starting to get kind of cramped in the carrier.  I also think it lets him sit up more and he likes seeing everything around him (don't worry, he is still rear-facing).

It is really nice to not haul around the extra bulk and weight of the carrier carseat, though it does make juggling everything else in my arms just a bit more complicated.

Then there is the napping issue.

I didn't realize how much I relied on him falling asleep while I am just out running errands, and then staying asleep because I can leave him in his carrier with a blanket over it for the next hour or so.  While I have tried to very carefully transport him from the seat to his crib/stroller/playpen, it has been mostly unsuccessful.  This makes for a tired little fella.  

I hope we can get this ironed out with either a better routine, or a more sound sleeper.  ;)  The latter would be easier on momma.......

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