Friday, May 13, 2011

Reiman Garden Fun

Riley had an early out from school one day last week and I told her we could go anywhere she wanted to in town for the afternoon.  She picked Reiman Gardens, which happens to be one of my favorite places too!  Nice taste, Rye.  It was a gorgeous day and I took along my nice camera hoping to catch a few fun shots.

Even though I watch these kiddos full-time, Riley is in school most of the day so I really don't take all three of them very many places.  It was fun to get a small taste of what the whole summer will be like, and I enjoyed watching the kids running, dancing and interacting with each other. 

Wow, it is much trickier to get a great shot when you are trying to capture the attention of three little ones at the same time....

Who are you guys looking at?

We went into the butterfly garden first which was HOT and humid but fun.  Hendrix fell asleep before we got a chance to see the butterflies last time, but this time he remained alert and intrigued the whole time!   Then a kind stranger offered to take a picture of all of us.  I really appreciated the offer but I think I need to learn to politely decline in the future......she had a really hard time figuring out how to take it (even though I told her several times that you have to hold the shutter down until you see the red light, then push it again) and by the time she finally snapped it - the kids were tired of standing there smiling!  Don't we all kind of look like we are grimacing?! oh well.

Gabe, the strong man, is trying to lift up the world's largest gnome!

Another picture taken by a kind stranger....this lady happened to have the exact same camera hanging around her neck that I have, so I felt confident that she could handle it.  Interesting that I am the only one smiling.....

Here are the real smiles!

What a fun day!

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