Sunday, May 1, 2011

april showers bring may flowers.....

....and baby boys who hate being stuck indoors!

Wow, we had 4 days of rain this last week, and that was just too much for Hendrix.  Our yard loves it however as we have sprouts of green shooting up everywhere, and my hubby had to mow the lawn this weekend for the second time already this spring (kind of unusual for Iowa).

The fun lazy afternoons at the park and even just in the yard are already growing on my little man, and he seems to thrive on what he considers his routine.  

I have to admit that these sad, longing faces did actually send me looking for a pair of rainboots for the little guy (which is funny, because he doesn't walk yet......), but they don't seem to make them small enough.  

Though I imagine taking him out to splash in the puddles would make me the world's coolest mom, I am more of a "snuggle-up-with-a-good-book-and-cup-of-coffee-while-staying-dry" kind of person.  So I think I will save the wet and splashy fun for when he is at least old enough to remember how awesome it was!  ;)

I hope this week is a little bit sunnier and a little less wet!

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  1. aww - you're inspiring me to take my kiddos outside! I STRUGGLE with going outside myself - I love the indoors but know I gotta get them out there! Maybe a walk to the library today or something! Oh and by the way - I didn't paint my son's room - my hubbie did it for me! :0) I just came up with the idea! lol


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