Thursday, April 28, 2011

nanny reflections

Gabriel turned 4 this week.  Milestones like that make me realize how quickly time flies.  It seems like just yesterday that I was introducing myself to him and his sweet big sister, on my first day of work.  I want to spend a few minutes pausing and reflecting on what the last four years as a nanny has been like..... 

My first day, August 2007
Riley - 3
Gabriel - 3 months

I was about three weeks into my married life when I started getting to snuggle with this little guy four days a week.  It made me really crave having babies of my own, but it also encouraged me to wait until it was the right time for us to start our own little family.  Babies are so awesome, and I have loved being able to watch him grow up.



eating birthday cake

exploring the world 

no longer a baby but a toddler....

summer fun!

Christmas celebrations....

birthday parties

Being a nanny has become so much more than just a job, and actually more of a lifestyle.  I feel like just another member of the family, a big sister, or a cousin....and I love being able to have that special role in these amazing kiddos' lives.

And now they get to have a role in my kid's life.  It's pretty awesome. 

Really awesome actually. 

So happy birthday Gabe.  You are a great kid!

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