Monday, April 25, 2011

happy birthday grandma!

Hendrix helped me pick out the perfect birthday cake to have at a special birthday party for his Grandma Nancy last weekend.  He also told me that he thought she would enjoy some fresh flowers to make it look and feel like spring!

He picked out her present too, which was a webcam so we can communicate with each other through skype.   

I think I have mentioned before that we started skyping so we could stay connected with my sister while she was studying abroad in London last fall; but now that we have it we like to skype with our family that lives just an hour away too!  It is a great way to share how much Hendrix is growing on a regular basis, and it is so easy that I don't mind just making a quick five minute call while I am waiting for dinner to be ready. 

Grandpa Jon brought up a mallet that he crafted to use with this really awesome wooden toy that used to be my hubby's when he was little.  Hendrix paid close attention to Grandpa's demonstration, and then he tackled the gift wrap instead of the mallet!

This toy is really cool, and I am already thinking about how I want to utilize it as a 'prop' in some photos with Hendrix.   I think he is going to love all the racket that he can make with it when he finally gets the hang of it.  :)

 Caught this really precious moment of these two playing together in the afternoon.  

And then we all had some chuckles when the trick candles kept relighting on us!  They had just been in our drawer with the other candles and I think my hubs was just as surprised as my mother-in-law when they relit! 

What a fabulous lazy Saturday.  Hendrix sure knows how to throw a great party!

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