Sunday, April 10, 2011

a day in the garden

Our first flowers bloomed today!

It has been gorgeous weather for this time of year in Iowa, and we started planting our vegetable garden last weekend.   We continued where we had left off this afternoon with the help of Hendrix.

He was overseeing Daddy's hard work, and distracting Mommy from helping!

He drank all the water, which was much needed as the temperature soared into the 80's.  

We were thrilled to spot our first sprouts!  This is either spinach or spring mix (we planted them together) that we planted last week.

We got rather carried away with our seed choices this year and have everything imaginable from brussels sprouts to garlic and everything in between.  We finished off the planting with some fence-building to keep out the monster bunnies that live around here.  

Now we just wait for yummy fresh veggies!  

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  1. Love all the photos in this post and the last. He gets me with his cuteness every time. And getting so big. He is precious. Your a wonderful mommy and your blog is always so refreshing to read!


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