Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mommy's favorite baby gadget

Normally the role of researching, acquiring and then reviewing gadgets falls to my hubby.  He is the one who loves to constantly be trying something new and current.  I, on the other hand, am the one who loves to continue using the product that I already know how to use and I tend to be skeptical of new gadgets.

When I briefly mentioned to one of my dearest mom-friends that Hendrix was getting to be a little wild man in the tub, and that he had actually slipped out of my hubby's grip and nose-dived last week, she asked me if I had ever heard of one of these:

I had not.  And I will have to admit that i was a little bit skeptical about it.  But she had one that she was willing to let me borrow, and I figured that there wasn't any harm in giving it a try.   It took a long time for Hendrix to warm up to taking a bath in the first place (he showered with either his daddy or I for the first several months of his life), and I really want him to be able to continue to enjoy them.  safely. 

The bottom of this little seat has four suction cups on it, and while I am told that it doesn't work very well in tubs that have texture on the bottom, ours doesn't, and the seat sticks to it like glue.  It is very secure.  I tried hard to move it before placing him in it.  

He also tried hard to move it while he was in it, by lunging and reaching for the farthest away toys.  It didn't budge.  

I think this is going to give mommy lots of peace of mind.  

Hendrix gives it a thumbs up! ;)

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  1. Hey there mama! I get so mad because you dont show up in the blogs often even though I follow ya! I have been missing me some Hendrix. So at the risk of sounding creepy, I logged on to see if you had updated. Phew, tons of new posts for me to read! Looks like Easter was so much fun and loved the cake for your grandma! So happy to hear everything is going great! Take care.


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