Tuesday, April 5, 2011

seven months already!

This little peanut is seven months old. 

He is getting stronger and more coordinated at sitting everyday.  He can lean pretty far to reach for toys and still right himself without toppling over.

He has this funny habit of picking up his toys, one by one, and throwing them back behind him where he can't reach or see them, and then he hollers.  :)

He also started doing this really funny "head bob" movement thing today.  I have no idea what that is all about, but it sure cracked me up!

The other big thing that I have been noticing is that he is a lot more vocal these days.  He likes to babble and blow bubbles and holler.  He can be really emphatic but he still isn't very effective at letting me know what he means or wants.  I often have a hard time telling if he is grumpy, excited, frustrated or just confused.  

Hendrix really likes music.  He has always seemed to be noticeably soothed and entertained by the music that we listened to often while he was in the womb (Bob Marley, Howie Day, the Beatles, Israel Kamakowiwo'ole....).  

But now that we have been going to the baby and toddler times at the library, his music repertoire is growing and changing.  He is especially partial to ToeKnee ChestNut and  Skinnamarink.  He recognizes the beginnings of these songs and he holds his face out there waiting for me to touch his nose.  If he is unhappy in the car, all I have to do is belt out one of these songs while I am driving, and I have a quiet audience.  I do wonder what the people I pass think when they can hear me through my cracked sunroof. ;)

Each day brings something new and we love it all!


  1. 7 MONTHS OLD!!! I cannot believe it! Hes getting so big and more handsome with each day! He looks like hes sitting like a pro now too! Thanks for the tip- Im gonna check out more PJS! I bought a size up also! Were so smart :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That head bob is so funny! I forgot that in my last commet!


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