Thursday, March 31, 2011

book enthusiast

Hendrix comes from a family of readers.  Both his parents really love to read and so do his grandparents, so I naturally assumed that he would love to read as well.  

To encourage a love for literacy; we began reading to Hendrix when he was still in the womb, he started attending baby storytime at the library at just three weeks old, and we gave him a pretty good start on his book collection.  
His first book was a soft book that he mostly just chewed on, but we carried it around in his diaper bag pretty religiously.  We continued reading him stories daily and let him try eating the corners of the books, hoping that he would eventually have an interest in looking at the pictures and try turning the pages.   

Now at six months old, I think he actually is starting to understand what reading a book is all about!

He likes to turn the pages himself, though more often than not he 'bops' himself in the nose with the cardboard page.

He is learning how to lift the flaps...

 ....loves the pages with textures to touch and feel....

...and also the books that have parts that you can pull out. Those must be for eating!

He got this really cool recordable book for Valentine's Day from his Grandma, and all four of his grandparents read it to him on the recording.  We love to get it out and listen to it together.  

As you can see he looks around for them as he hears their voices, and he smiles alot!  It jumps a little bit in the movie because of the way I am holding it in front of him and trying to record it with my camera.  When he is sitting on my lap and I am holding it steady, the book reads just perfectly.  What a fun and treasured gift!

In fact, many of the books that he plays with were gifts from various friends and family members, and we love thinking about them as we read.  It will be cool to tell him someday about when and where each book was acquired.   I think the Easter bunny plans to bring him a basket full of books this year!

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