Friday, March 11, 2011

big boy complex

Okay, so my 6-month-old thinks he's a big boy.  I know, it is awfully early to be develping a little 'attitude' but that is exactly what is happening.  He has huge opinions about what he wants and likes and what he does not, and he is very clear about expressing those things.  He has mastered the arched back, and now he also uses this very high pitch squeal/scream to let you know he is not pleased.  oh. my.

Now that he is getting very good at sitting by himself he wants to have no part in laying on the floor to play.  Apparently that is only for babies.  I am not exactly sure how he is going to get better at rolling, or learn to crawl for that matter, but sitting on his blanket with a few toys sure makes him happy. :)

He really loves eating and is a pretty good eater (the only things he has refused so far are peas and green beans), but he has recently decided that he only wants to eat when mom and dad are eating.  Thankfully, he doesn't seem to realize that he is eating different food than us yet....let's try to keep that a secret a little while longer!

He also loves to drink.  He mostly just gnaws on his own sippy cup; but he will throw a fit if you don't offer him a sip of whatever you are drinking.  This can be super messy and super time consuming.  Eating out has become very interesting.  Note the fit as daddy starts to take the cup away.....

He doesn't like to be cuddled and snuggled up to fall asleep anymore.  You might remember that he used to LOVE being swaddled, well now he prefers to fall asleep sitting in your lap, facing out, watching wheel of fortune with mommy and daddy.  We might be able to blame some of this on those breathing treatments that he has been putting up with for the last three weeks - that was when he first started enjoying this position.

Oh and he is starting to lose interest in his paci.  While it used to be very difficult to snap photos of him without it in his mouth, he now finds more enjoyment holding it and playing with it than actually sucking on it.  That is fine though, I like seeing his gummy smile more!

Slow down, big boy, you are growing fast enough as it is!


  1. "He also loves to drink."

    Must take after his old man.


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