Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring {Blogging} Break

This little guy is so glad that Spring is here!

He loves playing outside, which I was really thankful for last week as we spent our spring break painting the exterior of our house.   I had the week off work, so I had this crazy ambitious idea that I could paint our house.  
with a six month old. 
no. big. deal.

Well, it wasn't quite as simple as I thought it would be, but we did transform this:

**these pictures were taken May 2010 when we first moved into our house

Into this:

**The antenna in the yard was ripped off the house, and my husband thinks it makes for an interesting lawn ornament.  Don't worry, it won't be sticking around very long....

I sure wish that the yard was green and pretty now like it was in the first set of pictures, but I will take the face lift of the new color over the old and dingy white any day!  ;)

Before I let you think that I accomplished this all by myself, I would like to thank all my various family members for coming and helping scrape, prime, paint, and even help watch the little guy.  ;)  Those were some of the longest, hardest eight days that I have worked in a long time, but I never would have put a dent in the project if I had been working solo.  

We had gorgeous weather for Iowa this time of year......the temperatures ranged in the 35-65 degree range all week, and despite the threats of rain nearly everyday in the forecast, we didn't see any drops until Sunday, the last day, and even then it only rained in the morning and dried up by the afternoon. 

Hendrix spent lots of time outside watching us work.

He really loved going for walks around the block in his wagon.  I would pile it full of toys for him and let him sit in there to play while I would do some work; as soon as he would get fussy, I would just walk him around the block and he would relax.  It was a funny little routine, and we met lots of neighbors that we didn't know throughout the week!  lol

Hendrix loves being like his daddy!

but there were definitely times when he got sick of not getting all the undivided attention that he is used to. 

He was thrilled for Monday to get here and life to go back to normal.  I was thrilled as well to be honest.  ;)

Here he is telling me how happy he is to be the center of my world once again.  

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