Thursday, April 14, 2011

sports enthusiast

Uncle Josiah

Last week we watched my little brother play his first high school soccer game.  Hendrix was the tiniest fan there but I think he might have been more engaged than some of the other fans.  :)  The game started at 7pm which is pretty much his bedtime and he fell asleep on the way to the game.  I snuggled him into his stroller thinking he would snooze right through the whole thing.  

He might have if we hadn't scored right away which, of course, required lots of cheering and clapping.  This scared him and he woke up screaming!

After his initial distress about all the racket, he settled right into our various laps (he got passed around from one family member to another, until his daddy finally called dibs on him) and watched the game intently.  His eyes were following the ball, or at least the movement, around the field.  He was so cute!  I was glad that it was a really nice evening and we all enjoyed the fresh air.  With Hannah and Josiah both playing on the varsity teams, there will be plenty more soccer spectating yet to come this spring.

His last soccer game was in the fall when we watched another brother of mine, Jake, play for Central College.  At just a month and half old, he most definitely slept through that entire game.  Look how tiny he looks!

Uncle Jake

He has been to both college and high school swim meets.

Uncle Jason
But his first sporting event ever was a high school football game when he was just a few weeks old.  We didn't want to miss homecoming, and it was fun to take him and show him off!

Uncle Joel

I don't know what happened to that teeny tiny baby.....but before I know it, he will be the one on the field playing, and I will be the most supportive soccer mom ever!  lol

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  1. You surely will be a great soccer mom, as you are a fabulous soccer seester!


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