Tuesday, May 24, 2011

first family bike ride

I was thrilled to head out for our first family bike ride this evening.  We finally got a bike trailer this weekend, after lots of bargain looking, and I am pleased to announce that Hendrix enjoyed his ride.  :)

It is a good thing that mommy thought to put his jammies on before we left however, as I think that he is out for the night.  All that fresh air should help him sleep well tonight. 

Sweet dreams, baby boy!


  1. oh what a sweet sleeping boy!

  2. How adorable! What did you end up deciding on for the bike trailer? Miss you guys! xoxoxo

  3. Kate - we bought a Burley off of Craigslist. We think we got a great deal, and it came with the jogging stroller attachment, so we can take the trailer off, lock up the bikes, and roam once we have ridden somewhere. totally cool! we miss you!


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