Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sun and sweat

we have been having to get outside and enjoy the parks and playgrounds first thing in the morning otherwise it gets so hot that the only thing we can enjoy is the swimming pool......

hendrix is becoming quite the monkey boy with trying to climb any and all ladder-type sections of the park, even if they seem to be far above his skill level.  he does want one of us to be near him to 'help', but he really likes being independent. 

on saturday we hit up reiman gardens again this season.  hendrix remembered all the lego exhibits and was excitedly pointing them out as we walked by! 

because it was a cooler morning, it seemed like we saw lots more animals than usual.....fish, frogs, geese, birds, butterflies.....hendrix loves them all!

i think daddy was trying to catch a frog here, and i was beginning to think that hendrix might just jump right in the pond!

poor sweaty dude.  
these pictures finally pushed me over the edge and made me realize that the little fella could really use a haircut.  i love his shaggy 'do' and love that when it gets humid out it starts to at the very least flip out a lil' bit (though i really wish they were full blown curls!), but he was getting a sweaty head, and starting to look miserable.

so i cut it last night.  :(
stay tuned for his new look.......
but in the meantime, i want to soak up every angle of his sweet shaggy head!  lol

a family outing wouldn't be complete with a completely cheesy grin, right?!

we saved the butterfly garden for last, and they were really flying around this time.  hendrix gave the magnifying glass a try and was having fun checking them out up close.

he was also researching his favorite kinds.  he really liked the blue ones ;)

our little naturalist!

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  1. Once again, great pictures! Love trip to the parks, especially in the morning before it gets too hot. That is neat you saw lots of animals :)


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