Friday, July 8, 2011

ten-months-old and climbing stairs

this little stinker just likes to keep mommy on her toes!

he successfully got up two stairs yesterday before turning himself around to a sitting position (on the stair) and then nosediving back down to the ground.  Will his "no fear" attitude come in handy later on in life?

he was so determined and so proud of himself.  and the little fall didn't deter him from trying again.  way to go, big boy!

his other new skills include; learning to wave bye-bye, pushing himself to a sitting position from laying on the ground, and crawling (finally!) but mostly on his hands and toes instead of knees.  he is still more efficient at the 'butt-scoot' but will resort to crawling if it makes it easier to reach something or free up his hands.

hendrix, you are just so busy!  you are really thinning out and i think it is because you just burn so many calories being on the move all. the. time.  what a silly little boy!


  1. hello, can i use your babies fourth photo (stair clibing -not showing the face)in a printed version of an expanded handout for my student of motor development? thank you. I am a lecturer a universidade federal do rio grande do norte - brazil.

    1. Sure, no problem! Thanks for asking ;) -Jenn


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