Monday, July 18, 2011

no longer a stationary subject

mr hendrix doesn't like to be cooperative for mommy to take pictures of him anymore.  he doesn't. sit. still.  since he has learned how to crawl he is constantly on the move.

oh, and have i mentioned that he took his first steps over the weekend?  

it was only a couple, and he hasn't done it again since even though we have been encouraging him to try. i am sure that it won't be long now and he will be a pro.  he is feeling a lot more comfortable at keeping his balance as he cruises around things, and even lets go to lunge (but keeps his feet planted....silly boy).

basically i have a whole lot of pictures that look like this....

...and this.

can't wait until i can catch some of him walking!  ;)  i am really thankful that i can adjust the shutter speed on my camera, otherwise i am certain all of the pictures of him would be nothing but a blur!

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