Sunday, July 24, 2011

fun at nana's house

we spent the day at nana's house on saturday to celebrate our birthdays and hendrix always has fun playing with nana's toys.  he likes picking the ones he wants out of the toy box himself these days, because he is a big boy, you know.

another one of his favorite things about nana's house is the kitty.  he loves to play with turq (though I am not sure that i can say she feels the same way about him).  he chases her around the house and is so excited to touch her that he forgets how to be gentle....

he likes to play the piano and is just the perfect height to pull himself up to it and pound on the keys play.  he also enjoys sitting in someone else's lap to play, and just discovered this weekend that he can play with his fingers or his toes...

no trip to grinnell is complete without a trip to the dari barn (especially when you are a dessert queen like me!)  lol  it is a fun family walk as my folks only live a couple blocks away from this cute little ice cream shop.

i think he likes it, what do you think?

all that fun makes for a very tired boy.  

what a fun day at nana's. :)

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