Friday, July 1, 2011

no, no, hendrix

this little guy leaves a trail behind him as he makes messes, rips things up, and tries to climb on everything.  i find myself sounding like a broken record that goes something like, "no, no, hendrix, don't eat that" or "no, no, hendrix, don't go over there" and my favorite "no, no, hendrix, that is not for you".  i really don't like scolding him, and instead have tried the redirection method (you know, trying to interest him in a toy, rather than the untoy that is so interesting).  well then he thinks that it is a game and just tries to get back to whatever he was doing even quicker the minute second he thinks i am not looking. 

at his 9 month well baby visit we got some information about healthy parenting, and it cautions to save the word "no" for only when your child is doing something that puts him/her in imminent danger.  even when i do this, i still am using the word "no" hundreds of times a day.  

what started out all innocent, nice block playing on the floor with daddy.....

...soon heads south as he realizes that daddy is engrossed in the block building, and he makes a break for the entertainment center.  no he still isn't crawling, but it doesn't matter because he can get wherever he wants to very quickly by scootching around on his bottom. then he gets there and pulls himself up and starts throwing things off the shelves, pulling on cords, eating mommy's decorations, etc.

it is hard to be grumpy at this cute little face, because he is just so proud of what he can accomplish, but i want to keep him safe.  
plain and simple.  
oh and i want to be able to have some nice things that he won't destroy.  
is this possible?

he is really into magazines.  he loves to climb up to the coffee table and yank them down one by one.  then he picks one to start ripping pages out of.  he will just shred it to pieces and be so proud of himself. 

i actually let him.  he doesn't eat the paper and at least i know it will entertain him for a little while.  maybe he will actually learn something helpful that he can pass along to me from that 'parenting' magazine.  
i only wonder how he will behave the next time we are in a doctor's office waiting room.....

it is so hard to say no to this little face.  i only hope that i can help you make it to your first birthday with minimal injuries.  the bruises are already racking up. 

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