Sunday, July 10, 2011

safety installation

guess how daddy spent his sunday afternoon?

we installed one at the top of the stairs and the bottom and i feel so much better about hendrix and our hard wooden staircase.  i really like this particular gate too, as it has a door that swings open and shut - i am too short to climb over those other kind of gates. :)  and my hubby encouraged us to invest in gates that are actually kind of good looking since they will be a permanent fixture in our house for a while.....

hendrix tried them out right away of course to make sure they are sturdy enough.  they passed his test!  :)


  1. SNAZZY! Yeah, those other gates don't work worth a poop. I scored one for free to put on the back porch so Lisa can hang under the willow tree at her leisure. I ended up just securing it with bandannas because the mechanisms totally fail, haha.

  2. Would you mind telling me what brand those are? We need some for our staircase and I've been having a hard time finding what I want -- I like the way those look! You can send me a message or post it on my Facebook page :) Thanks!!

  3. These are truly nice looking! Not like the gates of yore. Good work.


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