Tuesday, July 26, 2011

baby sign language

we started teaching hendrix some baby sign language a while back, and so far the only word we have had real success with is 'milk'.  since he seems to get the concept, i thought it might be fun to help him expand his sign repertoire so i checked out this movie from the library. 

he absolutely loves it.  he is super fascinated with the singing and the children.  i think his favorite signs right now are the ones for puppy and kitty. (though he doesn't do a very good imitation of them, he likes it when we do them).

he doesn't sit still for very long, of course, and so he usually watches the little 25 minute clip while he is standing up to the ottoman.

he actually wore out that first movie, so we had to get the next one in the series this week before mommy and daddy went insane with the repetition. ;)  he flaps his arms and his little hands open and close like he is trying to do the actions, but he doesn't quite know how to put it all together yet.  it will come.

it is fun to see the wheels turning in his little head, and i can't wait until he can communicate with us a little bit more effectively.  :)

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