Monday, July 11, 2011

city farmers

This little farmer boy wants to watch and help us in the garden.  I imagine if we let him loose in there he would gobble everything up, including the dirt and weeds.  Instead we make him sit (and now stand) on the other side of the fence while we do our 'tending'.  :)

Check out the huge progress our garden has made in just a few short months!  It is so amazing to watch the transformation.

Being a born and bred "Iowa girl" I find it kind of humorous to call myself a 'city girl', but that really is the truth.  

I tried to pass myself off as a 'farm girl' when as a child I told people I lived on a farm.  This was an honest mistake as there were cornfields right behind my backyard and I thought that made our house a farm.  In my defense I had also been for a ride on a combine before, so I really thought I was living the role.  When those people asked me what animals we raised and my response was beta fish and hamsters, I think they doubted my honesty.

I have since come to understand that I know nothing about farming and remain in awe of those who do.  I have, however, enjoyed working my own little piece of land in the backyard and am overjoyed that we are actually harvesting fresh produce right now!  How rewarding!

Hendrix is such a big helper and he especially enjoys eating our bounty.  Rhubarb and raspberries have been some recent favorites. 


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  1. He looks SO much like Bud in that first picture! Your garden (and photos) are looking more amazing each time I see them. I found a mulberry tree in my neighborhood yesterday, and I made mulberry orange sweet bread--mmmm! xoxoxox


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