Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life is better with friends!

Josie, Hendrix & Abigail 
(Picture taken September 2010)

All three babies were born within 12 days of each other.
Josie was born a lil' bit late, and both Hendrix and Abigail were born early.  Funny how that size difference seems so drastic at the very beginning.

We are all in a small group bible study together so we see each other on a weekly basis.  These kids are really going to get the chance to grow up together!

Abigail was born just 12 hours after Hendrix, so they came pretty close to sharing a birthday!

Sleeping babies!

Their mommies want them to be friends, but as you can see, they often don't give each other the slightest time of day.  ;)

Whether this threesome will be more like the 3 Musketeers or the 3 stooges remains unseen; but I hope that they grow up to be close friends. :)

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  1. Friends make life so much sweeter! I'm so thankful for the friendships your families are developing :)


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