Friday, February 4, 2011

5 Months

Hendrix is 5 months old today.  

This is one of my favorite faces that he makes, and I think it is because it makes him look like his daddy!
What do you think?  Can you see it?  
I think it's in the forehead, or the eyebrows, not sure.

His new favorite thing is sitting.  He can't do it unassisted yet, but he really prefers it so that he can see what is going on around him.  He gets fussy pretty quickly when he is just laying on his back.

Other favorites include:
  • photo shoots with mommy (seriously, he always smiles at my goofy faces!)
  • eating cereal in his bumbo seat (he has recently started wanting to hold his own spoon; he is uncoordinated with it though so we have to be careful that he doesn't stab himself in the eye)
  • getting his diaper changed, well having his clothes off in general.....he just kicks and laughs!  
  • peek-a-boo
  • kisses on his cheeks - this usually entices giggles!
  • his paci - we can't go anywhere without that!
  • his soft fleecy blanket - instant soother when he is tired and cranky
  • any toy that vibrates or makes noise.  He is pretty partial to his Eric Carl butterfly and I think it is a combination of the bright colors and the crinkle sounds it makes when you touch it.

He really enjoys spending time in his jumparoo when we are at home.  He can finally touch the ground now and is still figuring out that he can make himself bounce in it!

This weekend Hendrix was dedicated at our church.  We were thrilled to have our entire family there with us (taking up a pew and a half!) to encourage and challenge us in this important step of parenting.  We pray for Hendrix's physical and spiritual wellbeing on a regular basis, and are excited to introduce him to Jesus as he grows older.  

Over the weekend, we watched my cousin-in-law's little girl, Jovie.  She is two months younger than Hendrix, and this was actually our first time to meet her.  She was such a sweetie!  Hendrix enjoyed watching her and cooing at her; but when Mom was holding her and not him, we got a slight taste of what 'baby jealousy' is all about.  I was surprised and kind of amused because I didn't think he was even old enough to really care.  lol  

Our little guy is getting bigger everyday.  
What a blessing he is to our lives!

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