Monday, February 28, 2011

....and the sickness continues

We spent all weekend snuggling.  All weekend.  Didn't leave the house, didn't accomplish anything on my to do list, didn't get much sleep, and didn't even make it to church.  I wish I could tell you that it helped.  :(

In truth, he was starting to seem better on Saturday, but then yesterday he refused to breastfeed.  I tried and tried to get him to nurse, and he would sometimes latch and sometimes not, but never would he stay on longer than a minute before he would pull his head back and either wimper pitifully or just outright scream.  

I tried pumping and giving him a bottle.  I tried giving him breastmilk in his sippy cup.  I tried juice, I even tried water.  I began to get really concerned about him getting dehydrated, and after a conversation with "first nurse" (our clinic's medical advice hotline) I was preparing hubby for an ER visit if he didn't have a wet diaper in the next half hour.  

And then he did.  It was really more damp than wet, but right after that I was able to get him to nurse for about five minutes.  It was just enough to give me peace of mind to let the little  guy go to sleep and wait it out until I could make an appointment at the clinic in the morning.

So we had our third doctor's office visit in a week and a half and found out the Hendrix now has a double ear infection.  Poor, poor guy.  The doc said that his right ear was particularly swollen and pussy (yes, he used the word pussy.....yuck!), and that it was probably causing him alot of pain to suck and swallow.  No wonder the little fella didn't want to eat. 

He was down 10 oz in weight from his appointment on Thursday, but I had been getting enough fluids down him to keep him plenty hydrated.  The good news is that the nebulizer really helped because his lungs were completely clear!

The bad news is that the amoxocillin hasn't really seemed to have done him much good yet.  He still hasn't nursed well today, and now he has diarrhea on top of everything else.  

I am hoping tomorrow brings a new day with much brighter prospects!


  1. Poor little man! And poor mommy! Sometimes this stuff leaves more of a mark on us moms than it ever does on our kids! Hang in there - sounds like you're doing an AWESOME job taking care of your fam! :0)

  2. Poor little guy! Double ear infections and amoxocillian are no fun. I don't know which one is worse! Ari ended up with a very bad diaper rash after amoxocillin and diarrhea for 3 weeks after the last dose. :/ Thought we were over everything last week and she woke up this morning with hives & a puffy face! Poor babes. Hate it when they are sick! Especially when they can't tell you what hurts! He looks happy in the bottom picture though! :)

  3. Praying for you Jenn! It's so hard when they're so little and SO sick...and you are sleep deprived! Hope he feels better soon -- and that you stay healthy too!


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