Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm so glad that kids are resilient

What a couple of weeks for my little man.  He has had a cold for going on three weeks now, and wiping his runny nose has become second nature for this momma.  

Hendrix received a steroid shot to treat his croupy cough last week and then I took him back in to the doctor this week because it seemed like he was getting worse instead of better.  

I was right.  He had developed a much deeper, raspier cough, and was also wheezing when breathing.  The doc took some chest x-rays (which he HATED), and after finding that he didn't have bronchiolitis or pneumonia, she diagnosed him with RSV and sent us home with a nebulizer to help him breathe better.   

Now on day three of the treatments, he remains calm enough to actually fall asleep during it which is a huge change from screaming throughout the first couple.  

I can notice a huge difference immediately after the treatment in his breathing, and that has helped him to be able to sleep significantly better.  He still has a rough cough, but at least the wheezing is over. 

While he is still very fussy and short-tempered, he has bouts where he seems almost back to "normal".  Yesterday afternoon, he was all smiles, and daddy captured this movie of him playing. ;)

I'm thankful that it is the weekend, and we still have another day to sit at home and focus on nothing but getting this little guy better.  

Stay healthy!

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  1. OH know, I hope it all clears up for good! For both of your sakes. Hes so precious. I love your updates


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