Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adventures in Eating

This is the face Hendrix makes when he is trying a new food for the first time.  This was butternut squash which was the first vegetable he ate.  While it was very different from the cereal and required a little getting used to; he really likes squash.  :)

Peas on the other hand, he despises.  Daddy was the one who fed those to him, and he even mixed them with his oatmeal to try to dilute them a little bit, but Hendrix hated them.  He didn't spit them out, he just started crying, and was inconsolable.   He got so upset that he wouldn't even eat cereal after that until a couple hours later.  Guess we will wait to try those again.

The next veggie on the list was sweet potatoes.  He likes those a lot too, and has become much more coordinated to use his hands to try to shovel it in faster!  He is a noisy eater and in between bites you can hear his rendition of "mmmmmm".  

He has been known to try to eat his bib if he thinks that he is still hungry when the bowl is empty. ;)

I have been having fun making his baby food, and will probably continue to do so as long as I have the time and energy to plan ahead.  It is so much cheaper and I feel really good about knowing that what I am feeding him is wholesome.  

Making the baby food it actually pretty easy, but since I freeze it in my ice cube trays, I can only do so much at a time before I have to wait for it to solidify.

Hendrix is eating about two ice cubes (roughly 2 ounces) of vegetables once a day, and then cereal the other feeding.  That makes my "batch" (of three trays) last for about 24 servings.  It's a pretty good system.  He seems to like these orange veggies, now if I can find a  green one that he might put up with.....


  1. Try green beans...the consistency is different from peas. I can hear his 'mmmmmmmmmm' and see his little arms going 'in and out'.

  2. Have you tried broccoli or brussels sprouts? If the sprouts are too bitter, you can add a little Smart Balance (sweetens it up like butter but way healthier.....I think?...it's what they claim).


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