Thursday, August 1, 2013

rustic dining {diy furniture}

okay, so those of you who have been following our family story know that we moved to a new house a little over a month ago.  since then we have been trying to get unpacked and settled and make our new home feel like a cozy space.

the dining room is significantly larger than the one in our old home, and we felt that our dining room table and chairs set was kind of lost in the room.  after browsing around at new sets which cost way more than we wanted to spend with none of them achieving the look and overall feel we wanted, we decided to make our own.

why not?

we are ultimate do-it-yourselfers, and why should that change just because we have a new home?!?

so, i proudly present to you, our new dining room table and chairs set.

courtesy of my hubby's hard work,

and the combinations of our imaginations.

i like to think of it as rustic meets modern, which seems perfectly in place in our old, very traditional home ;)

the top surface is a rescued barn door (thanks to my dear friend for helping rescue it from the family farm down the street from her)

it got sanded down real good, with a nice thick top layer of epoxy to give it a smooth surface and shine.

the legs are sawhorses.  metal ones.  
oh and did i mention that they are yellow?  

they provide a very nice little color pop in the room.

we ordered the chairs online, and while the two end chairs are a bit of a luxurious shell chair - nice and roomy and comfy; 

the middle chairs are very minimal and sleek which helps us fit 10 chairs around it, with an additional two to add to the ends when we need to seat a large crowd.

i am so thrilled with how it turned out.

i am so glad that my hubby is game for trying my crazy ideas, and that he actually has the expertise to make it happen and make it happen the way i envisioned it.

we are ready for a dinner party....

come on over!

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